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Ocean Potion

Ocean Potion Suncare...
36 Reviews
They asked me to review this product honestly. So I think this is awesome. You should try it too if you already haven't.  It is worth the price and is great. Definitely worth the purchase. So that's my honest opinion of this product. I give it 5 stars.
It is very rich and I love how it’s not so sweet. It’s definitely high quality and it’s well worth the calories!
i love this product it’s so nice and it’s amazing i think the best thing about it is the product is good and i to do something like this one too but it just got so much yuyyyyyyyyyy and i to do so so many people lol so i to get
Makes your skin feel great and cool. I love using this when I have been out in the sun all day!
Makes your skin lighter and looks so natural just great go get it to make yourselfs feel better
Love the smell and keep this in the fridge! It feels so great after a sun filled day! I will always buy this product!
I can’t not imagine not using this product I love it I’m an outdoor girl and I use this faithfully. I highly recommend
This is an okay lotion after being out in the sun all day. Its not the greatest but not the worst. It could smell a little better.
i love the sample size of this product so cute to just carry around n put in ur purse. i really love this product. I recommend everyone to use it to get better result.  
This stuff is AMAZING! It smells and feels delicious on the skin! I haven’t been able to find it in recent years at the store here but I love this stuff!