I Heard some good things about this product but am looking for actual reviews by someone(s) on here. I also want/need to know if this is a ethically sourced company/product and/or organic as I try to stay with those products. Lastly I have sensitive/acne prone/rosacea/starting of fine lines and want to know if this is a good fit?
Charleston, SC - il y a 2 ans

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This company is amazing! It is vegan/plant based, cruelty free, and made from organic algae. I have sensitive skin too but I’ve seen nothing but amazing results from this product! I use the cleanser and blemish balm too! Love them both
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Osea is an non toxic, vegan, organic brand. As far as their ethics, their website states they are responsibly sourced. I’d recommend you email the brand if you need more info. I have sensitive, maturing skin and find this cleanser to be gentle and effective. It’s plant based (seaweed) so I think it’ll be ok, but if you have any known skin triggers, I’d suggest reading the ingredient list. It doesn’t cause me any irritation. 
il y a 2 ans