What is the difference between this and the liquid suede option that NYX also had?
Morgantown, WV - 3 years ago
I feel like the liquid suede never fully drys and im scared to eat or drink in it because it just comes off or smudges whereas the lip lingerie is very food and drink proof but feels really sticky, if i was you id get the lip creams or matte lipsticks because they are more comfortable
2 years ago
The formulation is different as well as the shade selection. These are thicker, more like a mousse than liquid lipstick and I find them more hydrating than the Liquid Suedes.
Buffalo, NY - 3 years ago
These are a lot more matte and a lot less comfortable in my opinion. I've never had a problem with the suede lipsticks but the one I tried from this line cracked and was very patchy. Might just be the color I tried but wasn't impressed by it. ☺️💫
3 years ago
This product is a lot more matte and has a little longer staying power. I did find these a lot more drying than the Liquid Suede which makes all the lines in your lips more prominent. Hope that helps.
River Rouge, MI - 3 years ago