Does this taste bad and does it help? Thx! :)
Kingsport, TN - il y a 6 ans

5 answers

I love the taste. It’s comforting to take without feeling like a medicine.
il y a 7 jours
It taste ok! But the flavor helps it go down! It works!! You would love it!
il y a 6 mois
It still has that unpleasant kick that cold medicine always has, but it tastes much better than regular NyQuil, and it works great. It will put you to sleep, but it clears your sinuses really well.
il y a 5 ans
Yes, it tastes horrible but it is so work it! It works wonders.
il y a 6 ans
The cherry flavor is a whole lot better tasting then the original flavor and yes it dose work I emojis the cherry over the original
il y a 6 ans