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Nylabone Healthy Edibles Dog Treats

Nylabone Healthy Edibles Dog Treats


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I have two spoiled dogs, a lhapso Apso and a Frenchie. They are both finicky eaters. I had a tough time finding a healthy treat for them, that they both liked, until I discovered Nylabone.
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THESE ALMOST KILLED MY DOG! Years ago, my dog was still a puppy so I always tried to give her a little chew toy before bed at night. I was out of town one night and forgot her treats, so I ran into walgreens and these were the best option (so I thought). At first it seemed ok, aside from the fact that she literally DEVOURED it, which is very out of character for her. I mean, it was like it was crack, she ate it so quickly. However, about an hour later she started acting funny, and eventually started throwing up orange stuff. By the second or third time, I realized it wasn’t just a small upset tummy and i called her vet weekend emergency line. I ended up rushing her in, as she couldn’t stop throwing up/keep/water down/was miserable. I was terrified. She ended up having to be put on an IV and stay overnight and the entire next day (about 24 full hours) because these made her SO SICK. Thankfully she ended up being ok, but her vet was very worried at one point. When I finally did a little research, I found NUMEROUS similar reports online, and quite a few dogs DID NOT SURVIVE after eating these! Do not, DO NOT! Buy these.
How long do y’all allow your dogs to chew on this before you take it away? I feel like I have to set some guidelines with my dog otherwise he would chew on it for hours on end and I don’t think that is good for him.
Is this a good product for dogs extreme chewers?
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