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NOW FRESH Grain Free Small Breed Puppy Recipe for dogs 3.5 lbs
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NOW FRESH Grain Free Small Breed Puppy Recipe for dogs 3.5 lbs


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This is the only food my dog liked so far. The small size kibble is perfect his little mouth. He will usually clear his whole bowl!
my dog liked this food. he's no longer a puppy so I won't need to purchase it, but it was fine. no complaints here!
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After my baby Little Bear (who is a 2 year old chiweenie boy) has tried his Now Fesh Grain Free Small Breed puppy recipe Dog Food, my baby boy has decided that he absolutely loves Now Fresh!!! Little Bear does not mind if he has this dog food as a meal or a treat as long as he gets his little paws on it he is a happy happy boy lol. This says alot because Little Bear because he can be a very picky eater at times. With Now Fresh Grain Free it is completely different for Bear. He cries and wags his little tail and jumps and flips and does tricks ive not even taught him some of the things he has been doing lol and he acts so silly and crazy lol. He really loves this food and im very glad too because Now Fresh is extreamly healthy for him so im actually going to switch foods since he loves it so much and it is super affordable as well. A healthy food for a healthy boy.
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