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STAY AWAY!!!! I called my order in to go pick it up and let them know at least 3 times I was gluten free and could DIE if I ate it and then they gave me non gluten free food and when I got home I noticed there was breaded chicken on top supposed gluten free noodles. I had to start taking allergy meds asap and I called them while shooting myself with an epi pen very I was very upset of course and one kid kepted arguing with me while I was severely sick on the other end of the line saying It was my fault i ordered online and they don’t do gluten feee orders online when I have witnesses to the fact I called my order in and those witnesses heard everything I said . Then the kid hung up on me . When I told him the ambulance would be on the way and they would be paying for it . We called back asking for a manager she said her name was Georgiana and she took no responsibility for it she took up for her negligent employee who by the way was the original person who took my order because I remembered his accent! She even accused me of making an online order not specifying it needed to be totally gluten free! We argued back and forth because I Did not make an online order but she swore I did when again I have witnesses to the fact I called it in. She then said that it was a call center that gets those called with the Twin Falls number attached . I found that hard to believe when it sounded just like calling up any other fast food joint I could here them In the kitchen in the back ground !!! Then I asked for the corporate number and she LIED saying she didn’t have it or know it! She said she would refund me but that it was basically my own fault for ordering online . When again I have at least 3 witnesses that saw and heard every word I said when I CALLED in my Order !! This is the Worst Customer Service I’ve ever experienced and I’ve traveled all over the world!! These people are absolutely horrid I would feed a stray animal there . They argued with me while I was using an Epipen from THEIR MISTAKE!! That manager and her little boyfriend that by the way she would not give me the name of need to be fired -ASAP and I will be calling the Corporate office tomorrow to make darn sure I go to the TOP of that place!! Stay away it’s not worth it their food is not good either . Here’s to toTwin Falls Noodle Company Georgiana and the whole gang I hope all of you get fired after I hire an attorney and make darn sure everyone knows about you people!!
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As always, the food was phenomenal, but Christine was such a breath of fresh air when my daughter went tonight. The whole team was working so hard and was so pleasant and cheery while doing so and are all definitely deserving of a huge shoutout. (Appleton, wi Fox River mall location)
5.00 / 5 star rating
5 / 5
This is hands down without a doubt one of my most favorite places to eat. The food is delicious and you get good portions for the prices (which are good too). They have a good variety to choose from for both adults and children. If you have not eaten at Noodles and Company I recommend that you try it. You can thank me later 😊


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