I Have an 8 year old that suffers from severe eczema, can anyone tell me if this bar soap has helped them or their kids in any way?
New York, NY - il y a 2 ans

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Please read about La Roche Posay !! It’s fragrance free, alcohol free , for super sensitive skin !! I’ve known so many people who used it and saw difference !! Another thing you can ask a pharmacist they might recommend hydrocortisone cream which is OTC, I grew up having eczema myself I’m sure there is something that flares it up whether , stress , food, weather, detergents , fragrance ! Hope that helps . Best of luck !!
il y a 2 ans
We tried everything for our son who would get eczema flare ups and the one thing that worked almost instantly was Dove Sensitive Skin Beauty Bar this! They also have it in a pump form but the bar worked better!! It’s super cheap too and you can buy it almost anywhere!
il y a 2 ans