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No7 Lift & Luminate Triple...
360 Reviews
This product is very lightweight non-greasy with no smell. It’s my product I can’t live without. I’ve use it every day and my skin looks younger and feels soft and silky with no greasy feeling. It’s definitely one of my staple products I use every day.
The creamy texture makes applying the cream easy. Skin in left feeling hydrated not oily like some creams can. Works well on sensitive skin. Packaging is fully recyclable also.
Talk about moisturizing! I have never had a moisturizer last until morning like this one does! Will always buy this! Fabulous price!
I have only been using this night cream for a short while, however I am already very impressed with the results. This product is light to the touch and absorbs quickly and easily, without leaving a greasy residue on my skin. Having only used this for a month or so, I have already noticed that my skin feels and looks a great deal better than it has for a while. My skin also feels and appears more elastic and less wrinkly, than before I started using this cream. Highly recommend!
I absolutely love moisturizes great without a greasy feel I have definitely noticed a nice glow toy skin and a reduction in fine lines around my eyes I have tried alot of high end products but this is the best It's price is definitely not too high with excellent results.
No7 Lift & Luminate Triple Action Night Cream1 This cream works when I sleep. The cream is in a beautiful and voluminous jar, a pleasant cornflower blue. The cream is white with a pleasant smell, it is quite thick and dense. When applied to the skin, the dense and thick texture seems to melt and is easily distributed when in contact with the skin. The skin after absorbing the cream is soft, moisturized, nourished- exactly what I expect from night facial care. Despite the dense texture, the pores do not clog. After a month of use, I can say that I really like the general appearance of the skin in the morning, it does not seem gray and tired, the tone is fresher, the skin has become more elastic. I am very happy with the result. Use every night. After cleansing, gently massage into your face using smooth upwards movements. Avoid the eye area.  Made in United Kingdom
A little goes a long way! I struggle with oily/combination skin. This cream doesn’t feel oily on the skin. It’s been especially helpful in treating my dry patches, and has a light scent.
Have Been using this product daily for the past two weeks and I can significantly see a difference in my skin! The product is not to oily even though it’s a cream-based. Something that I just plan on continuing wearing daily under my make up
If you're looking for a night cream that helps reduce and minimize fine lines and wrinkles..look no further!! I've been using this jar of lift and luminate triple action for a month now. Its thick creamy texture sinks into my skin,leaving my face soft and supple. I've noticed my crows feet less visible. Even the tough forehead wrinkles are disappearing!! My man even commented how my skin looks flawless!! Unscented. I definitely recommend.
Such a rich, luscious moisturizer. It feels nice and thick, but doesn’t clog pores. It doesn’t feel greasy at all. Just nice moisture. It leaves skin feeling soft and refreshed in the morning. My skin definitely looks healthy and youthful.