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No7 Colour Calming Primer Green

No7 Colour Calming Primer Green


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This is one of the only primers I use, and the only colour correcting prime I use. It isn't a greasy formula, is lightweight, and doesn't mess with foundation/concealer applied on top. It is excellent at reducing redness; as someone who has suffered from acne for over 10 years, I am always amazed by how much it reduces the redness of my skin. It definitely primes, hydrates, protects and colour corrects my skin so I love using it for days I'm going to be out a long time or for harsh weather days.
I liked this but someone threw it away before I could get full use I'm still looking for the perfect primer
Best primer for irritation and irritated red skin will help with rosacea or breakout this green tint helps neautralize the red and will prime your makeup!
Wondering if this product is good for red cheeks? I have a very difficult time finding a primer that actually reduces the redness in my face as I have rosacea
I wanna know if that product could helo to prevent red spot on my face causing by the sun??
Does this product actually get the oil off of your face? I've used their facial cleanser and loved how gentle it was, but I find that primers are sometimes hyped up for little balancing result.
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