Hello, I've been using the night concentrate retinol from NO7 and I feel like it makes my scars more obvious although some of them are going away? Shall I carry on using it or is it going to damage my skin further?
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My directions on mine says not to use it daily, I'd be careful and ask the makers of the product. I'm not sure but if you don't use it often and you aren't seeing any changes in the regimen, I wouldn't use it if it's making your scars show up more. I think it's suppose to shrink wrinkles and smooth your skin
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I think that likely depends on how frequently you are using the product. For those who have sensitive skin or have issues such as what you are describing, they recommend you cut down on the frequency of use which may solve the problem. Also, this product greatly increases sun sensitivity so be sure to use SPF and limit your sun exposure while using it
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How often do you use it and are you using spf when you go into the sun? Xxx
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