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NKD SKN Gradual Glow Daily Tan Moisturiser

NKD SKN Gradual Glow Daily Tan Moisturiser


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5 / 5
I love this product and it’s really reasonably priced! [product:natural-gradual-tan-lotion-with-carmel-tint] Defiantly worth trying out. Smells great you can buy on amazon!
4 / 5
I tried this over the summer as a way to help maintain a tan i already had (so this review is not for this product making pale skin tan). I actually really liked this stuff. Its a thicker white lotion that dries pretty fast and doesn't really smell like much or anything which i like. It has a very slight fake tan smell as it develops but its no where near as bad as some other brands and it moisturizes well and makes my skin soft...not to mention its affordable. The tan develops pretty quick...for me about 2 hours and you will see color and its just slight color nothing crazy. Use everyday if you want to darken the color then use a few times a week to maintain. I would buy this again!
5 / 5
Soooooo good for fair skin tones! I'm Casper's friendly cousin and I have to admit this product is amazing because it doesn't have so much of an ORANGE undertone but just slightly bronzed. Will buy again! I hate the thought of tanning due to family history of cancer so this is the perfect alternative!


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