Is it really worth the money? Are they still even cool to own if you’re younger?
Post Falls, ID - il y a 2 ans

7 answers

It's worth it, if you like the games of Nintendo. It can be cool, but you don't have to tell the world you have one, you know? You can just have fun with it on your own.
il y a un mois
Yes. They are so fun and they are durable.
il y a un an
Yes!!!! These are sooo fun!
il y a 2 ans
yes they are very worth the money my son still plays his and it is very good for the money
il y a 2 ans
yes the are very worth the money .,and very good for your gaming system and yes even if you are younger ,they are very good
il y a 2 ans
I got mine used last year, they are very nice if you want to have a mobile gaming system. you can install SNES and play some of the classic nintendo games. I don`t know if in a year or so it still be worthy, because of the switch. I love mine!
il y a 2 ans
I love mine as an adult and my step son wants one but the games are harder to find and I think the Switch is the current "thing".
il y a 2 ans