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#1 in Clothing Stores & Brands
Backpack by Nike Lightweight outer Drawstring opening and straps Front logo print Wipe clean 100% Polyester Supplier code: BA5128-411
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bryan v.
bryan v.

64 reviews

Nike Roshe One Shoes are a very stylish and comfortable shoe to wear hiking, shopping, running or everyday wear. I you are looking for a shoe that is flexible and light weight this is the perfect shoe for you!Weight and ComfortThe weight of the shoe is light, while giving maximum support for your arch and bottom of foot. The shoe is very flexible in movement and allows for comfort at the top, (the shoe is not tight, and laces are able to be loose while still fitting properly). For a shoe that is super comfortable and light I would recommend the Roshe One for anyone who wants an everyday tennis shoe that is able to be worn just about anywhere.The style/lookI am very, very pleased with the look of the Roshe One shoe. This shoe can be worn with any athletic outfit and looks super clean and slick. I also love the style of having a thicker bottom half of the shoe and having a shorter tie length at top. This shoe is different than most Nike's that it doesn't look like any tennis shoe. The Roshe One shoe also comes in a hundred different colors, and variety's. In fact you are able to create/design you own Roshe One Shoe on the Nike website.CostThe cost for tennis shoes are always a little spender, (around 50-120 dollars) and the Roshe with its definite look sets it aside from any other Nike shoe. And because of the Roshe having its own look and style I believe it is priced at a very reasonable price, in fact I would go so far to say its one of the most cheapest pairs of shoe Nike sells. You can find Roshe shoes at anywhere between 55-80 dollars. With the comfort and look of the Roshe shoes I think that they are worth the money charged.Where can I get these?This shoe is a very easy find, you can find hundreds on sale online or possible in stores near you. A couple stores that I know carry them are, Foot Locker, Famous Footwear, Kohl's, and of course Nike. Depending on where you get them the price will vary, but if you are looking for this shoe it will not be hard, they are popular.True to size?I personally feel that Roshe shoes run bigger, not necessarily length wise but width wise. I have 3 pairs and all 3 are different sizes. Nike comes in half sizes and I've really taken advantage of that with this shoe. I started with a 9 and while that just seemed really roomy an 8.5 was still a little open around the top part of my foot but the 8 fit me perfect! I wouldn't necessarily go one size a\smaller than your original foot size but depending on the width of your foot I would consider trying on before purchasing.I hope you find the perfect pair of Roshe One Shoes!!!!!!!!
daniela g.
daniela g.
Winter Garden, FL

107 reviews

The history of Nike goes back to the 70's, when Phil Knight creates exceptional sneakers for his athletes, based on rubber waffles on the sole of his sneakers. These gave very good results and sent "Nike" to success, becoming the most innovative footwear brand in its time. Thus, along with major advertising campaigns, Nike became the most important brand of footwear today.
Unfortunately, like Reebok or Adidas, Nike exploits workers in the East, some of whom are underage, as they possess finer and delicate hands to make the products better.

As for my opinion on Nike, I could tell you that it is the best sports brand, over Reebok and Adidas. Its footwear is comfortable and there is a great variety of it, from the classic canvas sneakers, leather sneakers, soccer shoes, tennis shoes, running shoes and golf shoes. All of the best and very durable. They are those sneakers that last for years and remain intact even after a long time of use. I have tried many brands of footwear and I stay with this, without any doubt. So when it comes to buying footwear look at Nike.
When it comes to clothing, it is not the best, but not the worst, but there are better brands and the same price and even cheaper (Ex: Adidas). A year or so ago, I bought a shirt from this brand, a few months later it was already faded and you could see a few strands hanging. The same happened with a cap, which in a short time several parts were uncovered and was there, in the wardrobe, to give away ...
Nike also makes balls, in itself highly recommended, a very good material and resistant to everything.
Watches and glasses are other products that Nike is in charge of manufacturing, but I have not yet been lucky enough to try them out.
In short, Nike, a great sports brand and especially of footwear
Gaby M.
Gaby M.
Ciudad Merliot

7 reviews

On my last trip to panama visit a Nike store where I found just what I was looking for, I love those pants I use them for the gym to go shopping for everything and if for me I would go to work with them. Value for money is worth it

Gabriela H.
Gabriela H.
5721 Sw. 26 St. West Park. FL 33023

10 reviews

I have a Nike tennis and I love it's.
nside the silo of neutral running shoes, the Nike Air Zoom Vomero 10 is considered the "top of range", with permission of the Pegasus. Since its birth, this training model has been receptive to the best materials (especially in the midsole). And although in the last editions Pegasus has cut the ground, it must be said that it is still the queen of the collection. Let's see what has come the analysis that has received since he received many miles.


The shoe is built with the MR10, which is the same as the rest of the real zoom range (Pegasus 32, structure 18, buzz elite 8). This time uses a cushioned material but with different companies: Lunarlon. Traditionally Nike Vomero has been built with Cushlon material in the midsole that is very cushioned and the most longevity in the miles of the American brand. However the Lunarlon's goodness could not pass long in the upper model of the neutral sneaker family.

It has been difficult for me to understand that Lunarlon comes out with different types of firmness in the place of combining with Cushlon. In fact, on a boat soon, I thought the mediasuela was a combination of cushlon + Lunarlon ... However, after looking at the technical sheet with a magnifying glass for this reason, there is no doubt that it is Lunarlon, although with different Degrees of firmness
Noemi S.
Noemi S.
Houston, TX

1 review

Everybody knows Nike Air. That’s how Nike got big in the 80s in the first place. But do you exactly know what Nike Air is ?Nike running shoes in the “Air” category often use Cushlon foam in their soles. Soft and resilient, this foam has 2 limitations: it is quite heavy (as most foam is) and it is not as “bouncy” as many runners expect their shoes to be.The solution? Cutting off areas of the Cushlon-foam-made midsole and filling them up with plastic bags filled with “Air” (Nike’s secret gas compound). What this achieves is to reduce weight (by replacing the heavy foam with a very lightweight “airbag”) and to increase cushioning (being these airbags softer and springier than the Cushlon foam).Depending on the shoe, you can have Nike Air bags in the heel, the toe, or both.Air bags come in 3 formats: Air, Air Max and Zoom Air.Nike Air -> the most common, medium sized air bags that fit well especially under the heel.Air Max -> very thick and highly cushioned bags of air. In our opinion too unstable for proper running, mostly used on lifestyle shoes.Zoom Air -> the thinnest units, ideal to fit in low-profile shoes. They were initially developed for soccer shoes, where normal Air bags would not fit inside the ultra-thin sole.
Mason G.
Mason G.
Colorado Springs, CO

16 reviews

Bought a pair of trainer online. The parcel arrived quickly. The size was too big so decided to exchange. Called them and was told no exchanges. Only returns then you get your money back then order again. Ok but will you have those shoe in stock by the time it comes back to you and so on I've asked. Yes sure loads of them in stock.

So i send them back and call Nike again a week later. They didn't get my parcel so no refund and they size i wanted is no longer available locally only 200 miles away.

How can a company this big does not have exchange service? I'm shocked and so decided no to bother with Nike again.

A company this large should not have such bad service. I ordered an item from the Nike.com website and paid extra for 2 day shipping. It's been 4 days and still no package. The website now says estimated delivery in 2 more days (which is then a holiday, so it won't be delivered then either). I contacted them via live chat and they refunded me the extra I paid for shipping, however are rude and just disconnect from you before you are through talking. Nike, you need to step up. I won't order from their site anymore.
Karen M.
Karen M.
Augusta, GA

551 reviews

I love that nike has a lot to choose from. I love their sports apparel. However for being such a big brand when it comes to sneakers they're definitely missing comfort. I know they use product testers but either the testers aren't being completely honest or nike isn't listening. As a consumer people need to be honest. One my shoes last about three months before coming apart. Two I walk five miles everyday. That's 2.5 miles in the morning and another 2.5 in the late afternoon.At the end of my walks the first thing I do is take my shoes off and rub my feet. Why? Because the bottom of my feet are killing me. I have never owned a comfortable nike sneaker. They are for looks only! I have one pink pair i have owned for a while cuz I simply cant wear them long but they look very old even though i hardly wear them. I don't recommend nike shoes because there's no quality for the cost of the product. Its a lose lose on their sneakers!
Karen R.
Karen R.
Burleson, TX

190 reviews

slightly largeRuns SmallRuns Large
slightly looseRuns TightRuns Loose
very uncomfortableUncomfortableComfortable
very durableNon-DurableDurable
The problem is the DRI FIT is POLYESTER. Very bad idea. It's supposed to "wick away moisture", etc.....
But the bottom line is that POLYESTER TRAPS IN BODY ODORS. It's not a natural fabric. It doesn't breathe.
Half of the sports gear now is made of polyester instead of cotton and this is terrible ...... polyester is good for winter sports because it traps in body heat. But in the summer, polyester traps in both body heat and body odors.
This shirt WILL NOT KEEP YOU COOL. It's the opposite. Any thin cotton shirt is cooler than this shirt will ever be.. If you're going to buy Nike, buy Nike cotton shirts for the summer .
DRI FIT is simply a fad..... nothing cool about this stuff and it will make you stink beyond what you ever thought was possible !
maya t.
maya t.

63 reviews

I love the style of Nike, but I hate their prices. The shoes and apparel that Nike manufactures are very stylish and pleasing to the eye. However, the way they are made is often very cheap. The shoes stain quickly, and they are not durable. I have had multiple pairs of shoes ripped/piece fell off, and I am very careful about the way I wear my shoes. They do not last long. The clothing is cheaply made. It often discolors quickly, and it is extremely expensive. I shop at Nike only when I need something, and it is often on the clearance rack when I do. The Nike employees are usually very nice and helpful, and the stores are easy to navigate. The prices of Nike are ridiculous, and that is why I cannot give Nike five stars. I would like to give 3.5 stars, but since that is not available, I will give 4 stars. Although Nike isn't the best brand, I still continue to shop there for the styles.
Jaime H.
Jaime H.

4 reviews

First of all, let me say that I am a huge Nike fan (especially the Jordan brand). Nike makes some of the world's most comfortable and stylish sneakers. Despite how much I love Nike, I have one major issue. The releases of Retro Jordans is INSANE. It's always a major issue. I can never just leisurely go to the store and buy the pair of Jordans I want. You really have to plan and strategize to secure a pair for retail price. Let's not even mention how resellers buy a lot of the stock and then resell them for astronomical amounts. I wish Nike would produce more pairs. I promise you, you won't be left with sneakers if you increase the stock of the most anticipated releases. I would also like to say that I wear a size 5 in kids and even I could not purchase the pink 12s so I can imagine the pain of people who wear adult sizes. They sell out the quickest.
Sierra B.
Sierra B.

65 reviews

Which one do you prefer Nike or Adidas?
Whitney K.
Whitney K.

121 reviews

What is your favorite Nike shoe?
Laura R.
Laura R.

22 reviews

What does everyone think about Nike. Good or bad? I workout and was wondering about it
Hannah C.
Hannah C.
Surprise, AZ

59 reviews

Are Nike shoes worth how much they cost?
Ria B.
Ria B.
Gaithersburg, MD

3 reviews

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