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Nick Jonas [LP][Explcit]

Nick Jonas [LP][Explcit]


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I love Nick Jonas and his albums. This is a very well put together album that he created. You will not regret it
I've been a fan of Nick since about 2006. So of course, when I heard he was releasing his first solo album in years (apparently he recorded a solo album when he was 12, before the JoBros were signed to a major record label), I was super excited! I bought "Chains" and "Jealous" on iTunes when they were first released as singles, then I got a physical copy of the album at HMV right before Christmas (it was a gift to myself, lol). Nick's self-titled album was pretty much my first real exposure to the pop-R&B crossover at the time, and I love every single track. His vocals are amazing-- especially on the more vulnerable songs (like "Push"). 5/5 stars. (By the way, he favorited one of my tweets about "Jealous" reaching #1 in October 2014... I was at school at the time, and I think the whole school could hear me screaming from across the hall. LOL!)
Is a good album, but I still prefer the Jonas Brothers sound over a Nick's sound. My favorites: Jealous Take Over Chains Push I want you Teacher Numb Feat. Ángel haze Wilderness
Anyone else a huge fan?
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