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New Sunshine

New Sunshine California Tan...
17 Reviews
One of favorite tanning lotions for the tanning bed ever! Super good price point , always enhances my tan significantly and leaves me smelling amazing leaving the tanning salon. This is a perfect beginner lotion for any tanner, especially if you have tattoos !
I use the purple one. It has a lot of good for you skin benefits as well as great tanning results. It smells amazing! I've used many lotions throughout the years and honestly, I find the natural color unmatched. It truly brought out my golden olive undertones.
I just started tanning and this is the first  lotion I’ve tried and I love it. It is kinda expensive but depending on how much you go tanning you could have this same bottle for a year or more. I would definitely recommend giving it a try. 
This is my all time favorite tanning lotion. It is a bit on the higher end of price range but for very good reason. Well balanced bronzers with top of the line skin care. The smell is light and subtle. It feels like silk on application and gives you a beautiful color.
Personally I like California Tan products I feel like they put did themselves with this one. It has amazing on my skin. It has GREAT skin care. It’s definitely a luxury lotion at an affordable price. I highly recommend!
Personally from someone who has worked in the tanning industry this is a great lotion to have in your collection. It smells great and is an affordable prize compared to other designer lotions. I would highly recommend this product due to its long lasting and natural color!!
This product is amazing!! After just one use I noticed a significant difference in my tanning experience. I'm normally very fair skined and burn very easily. After tanning for about a month I had gotten quite tan but wasn't getting any darker so I purchased this and OMG I'm so glad I did. It has a very light citrus sent and absorbs quickly into the skin and is super soft. The pump is great for ease of use. It is pretty pricey in salon but you can get it for half the price online 😉
I worked in the tanning salon industry for 10+ years it's one of the greats. Light, great fragrance and excellent results. Love the airless pump that gets every drop out. a necessary splurge!
The only tanning lotion I have found that bronzes very quickly without leaving me orange. Smells amazing, like oranges. Summer essential!
This tanning lotion is amazing. I have not been to the tanning bed in a very long time and I started to go again for my wedding. The lady at Palm Beach told me how amazing this product was and it did not disappoint! I absolutely love it and I am almost out so I will be purchasing another bottle online (because it is a little pricey at the salon)!! It worked so fast and I got so dark!