how effective is this product for growing nails & hair and making youre skin nice ? i wanna buy it but dont wanna waste my money. give me some pros and cons on this product and is it worth the money ?
Parksville, BC - il y a un an

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Don’t waste your money, sis. The only pro is the taste. Other than that, nada!!!
il y a 3 mois
Nails grew super long. Like super long !! definitely made my skin softer but that was the only difference in skin and J didn’t really notice one in hair . Hope this helps!
il y a 9 mois
Pros: my nails did get stronger. Cons: no difference in my hair, and my acne got worse. From the usual 2-3 pimples, i got 5-6. I stopped using it and my acne went back to normal!
il y a un an
In some studies, Biotin has worsened pre-existing acne (see the intothegloss article). I would suggest trying the smaller size and seeing how it goes. I noticed my nails did get stronger, but I didn't notice a difference in hair. Personally, I think it exacerbated my acne as I am acne prone. I used it everyday for about 3 months and I'm stopping because I feel like the nail benefits are not worth the acne.
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