Are this worth trying? My hair has been thinning after pregnancy, what would help?
Fort Mill, SC - il y a 10 mois

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Thank you everyone for your suggestions and I have tried it for few months now and totally agree with you all ❤️
il y a 2 mois
Yes they work really well and don't take to long to see a difference.
il y a 9 mois
Yes. They work good, but invest in liquid collagen if you can the results are better.
il y a 10 mois
This work well with thickness in my hair and stopped shedding.
il y a 10 mois
I will say vegamour helped me tons with my third pregnancy hyper thyroid thinning. It’s a serum. It’s a little pricey but works.
il y a 10 mois
Yes these work. My daughters take them. I have had 4 babies and what worked best for me was to continue taking prenatal vitamins for awhile. I’m not a doctor though. That is just from my personal experience.
il y a 10 mois
I noticed a difference in how my hair grew longer faster than usual. It also helped the texture of my hair. I have thick hair so I can’t say how it works for thinning hair. Collagen powder also helped.
il y a 10 mois