I've tried biotin some maybe I didn't give it time? Has this worked well for anyone else and you have actually seen a good difference since you started using it. Maybe I should give them another try?
Crossett , AR - il y a 5 ans

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hey, this was three years ago you posted dont know if youll get to see this but, i say give it another try! definetly worth it, also take it with iron. dont leave the iron in your mouth for long, can mess up your teeth.
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My hairdresser told me that taking iron with it helps it to absorb better. This is the brand that I use and I'm currently trying to repair my hair after a glue in extension disaster and in the month I've had my extensions out, I've noticed my hair getting thicker and it has grown a little bit. I recommend doing a deep conditioner and other things for your hair while taking the biotin and don't only depend on the pill. :)
il y a 5 ans