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Natrol Cranberry Extract -...
5 Reviews
5 / 5
I’m kind of torn between these capsules. They work in place of actual cranberry juice. I don’t actually swallow the capsule I pop it open and pour the powder in a drink of choice (mostly water). Besides the great benefits they give me HORRIBLE gas. They have the same effect as drinking 100% cranberry juice but when trying to consume more water (as a college student soda is literally pushed down our throats) but with a bad side effect. I do recommend just be prepared to be gassy.
4 / 5
It's good to have in your diet. Helps kidneys and liver. Natural and good for you
5 / 5
Sex is bound to cause the common bladder infection every once in awhile. I used to suffer terribly from UTI'S and that's when I discovered these. Whenever I feel one coming on I pop 2 of these. I think they work wonders.
5 / 5
OK so I work as a waitress and some times I don't have time to run to the restroom when I know I have to use it. So I've gotten a bad infection doing that. Taking these helps relieve all this discomfort and I literally felt it working within hrs.
5 / 5
I take cranberry every day to promote kidney help. I have always had issues and I feel like this helps out.