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After having my acrylic nails removed I am now using traditional nail polish on my nails whilst they get their strength back.  I have bought two of these polishes and the toe polish is still going strong with over a weeks application and the finger polish has lasted five days with only one small chip. The polish is slightly thicker than a regular polish and it coats the nails really well. I have been really impressed as normally polish chips easily on me. I would recommend.
LOVE THE COLOR!! OKAY. I'm not all that fan of gel because for some reason it just gets chunky in the container. but they have the best colors.
This gel polish is descent... I purchased two a few months ago and would prob not purchase again. In my opinion the colors are not very full coverage. They are OK if you don't mind applying multiple coats...
How does this compare to Jamberry TruShine Gel?
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I have never heard of this brand before. What are your thoughts on this product if you have tried it?
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