NailMOM gel remover 15g - for eyelash extension glue and nail glue (Pencil type)

by nailmom

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About the productProtect Skin and Deep MoisturizingHypo-allergenic for SkinWater solubility removerNo irritation and for hypersensitive typesBiodegradableNO gumminess and stickinessGel remover has lower viscosity than cream remover. (Miedium viscosity)It is good for people who prefer watery products.Gel remover(Pencil type) size : 15gIngredients : Propylene Glycol Methyl Ether, Dihydro Furanone, othersOrigin : MADE IN KOREAHow to use :1. Apply thinly on the area to be removed.2. Wipe clearly after a few minutes from extension.(Time may vary upon the amount of glue)3. You can wipe out the residue on your skin with tissues or with water.* Color may discolor if it is exposed to UV, Black light and sun. This is normal!Important InformationShelf life :1.5 years ~ 2 years before opening (Store in a cool and dry place.)Caution:1. Do not swallow.2. Inhalation might cause headache or nausea.3. Avoid direct contact with eyes or skin.4. If direct contact occurs, flush contacted area immediately with running water for at least 15min. and see the nearest physician.5. Keep the container tightly closed when it's not in use.6. Store in a cool and dry place.7. Keep out of reach of children.Exemption Provisions: We are NOT responsible for the wrong use of our product. You need to fully aware of the precautions of our products, their side effects, and response procedures for the side effects before purchasing the products from us.

for eyelash extension glue and nail glue; Colorless and Odorless; protect skin and deep moisturizing; hypo-allergenic for skin; wather solubility remover


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