Will I need to bleach my hair before using 'N Rage Demi Hair Dye ?
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Most definitely! Any color from any brand (and I've used them all) will not set properly without first stripping your hair of color . I know it's a scary thing , fear of damaging your hair but if you follow the directions you won't have any problems. I like to use blue lightening and for the developer, choose the number by how intense and quickly you want to strip the color ( how blonde) . the higher the number the quicker and the more blond- also more of a chance on damaging hair. So use caution when trying those strong developers. Once you put the color , whichever it may be you hair sucks it up and doesn't feel so porous as it does with the bleach so don't freak out when your bleaching and hair feels gritty and gross.its a good rule of thumb to use and intense conditioning pack after and try to spread out your bleach sessions. It's really super simple to do at home..remember do not use Bobby pins..lol I learned that the hard way when my hair started smoking from the chemical reaction . don't worry..it turned out FABULOUS!
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For highly pigmented hair yes- use 30 developer and powder bleach. Ion Sensitive Scalp 30 Volume Creme Developer ion Color Brilliance Ammonia Free Lightener or if your wanting to lift it more——- [product:salon-care-blue-flash-powder-lightener-1-oz.-[1-oz.]]
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It needs to be light. Mine is grey
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