My bestfriend or boppy pillow?
riverside - il y a 3 ans

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I loved the brestfriend pillow!!
il y a 5 mois
I had both for my baby girl (and an off brand Boppy that I hated). This is better for breastfeeding during the early months. It has head support for your baby, it clips around your waist and is very comfortable. The Boppy is great for the long haul- my husband/family was able to use it during bottle feedings, since the Brest Friend is designed for breastfeeding and felt awkward to them during bottle feedings. The Boppy also works double duty as a lounger, so my little one used it for much longer and for times other than just feedings. If you go for the Boppy, don't go off brand- the Boppy is much better than than alternative options. So, I'd say I got more use out of the Boppy overall, but this one was really useful during the first 3-4 months when everything is the most stressful (after that I packed it away).
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Definitely the Brest Friend nursing pillow 💕
il y a 2 ans
I preferred my best friend over the boppy. With best friend you have back support to help while nursing. I like that fact that you can attach it around your waist and it won’t move around. I used the boppy with my older son, it felt to bulky and uncomfortable. I ended up just using it for him to sit in. So it all depends on your preference.
il y a 3 ans
Although reading other reviews people are saying they love this over the boppy, again depends on your needs and if your worried about getting the hang of breast feeding brest friend may be better choice.
il y a 3 ans
*Not a mom but took care of my sisters 2 kids from newborn to about 5 years old* My sister had the Boppy pillow and I feel it was more versatile then the brest friend, so it depends if you strictly want it just for breastfeeding and even for others to use to give baby a bottle. My sister used the bobby for breast feeding and I would use it to feed bottles (helps you support the baby and take the weight off your arms). I am a very petite person and my sister is more average size and of course after just giving birth she was a little bigger in the mid section then usual, it looks like the brest friend has an adjustable strap but that would be difficult and annoying to adjust if more then one person is using it where as the bobby wraps around and is flexible so it adjusts to different sizes. Aside from feeding we would use boppy to craddle (when we were sitting right next to her watching her the entire time) my neice when she was fussy and she didnt want held or laid down flat. It works great for supporting baby when they are learning how to sit and can even be used at certain stages during tummy time. I also love that you can buy different covers so you can hang onto boppy for the next baby and get a different cover or even just change the look or have extras for when the cover gets dirty and needs washed.
il y a 3 ans