Murad Prebiotic 3-In-1 MultiMist

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5 / 5
I know this isn’t claiming to be a setting spray but that is pretty much what I used it for lol! It did the job! Kept my makeup on and gave it a beautiful skin finish ( as opposed to looking all powdery!) and made my skin underneath look great too!
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This was ok for some extra hydration but that’s about it. The smell is kinda nice, subtle, berries like. If you are looking for more results I would try Origins Mega Mushroom treatment lotion. It is not mist but it is an essence and you will see the results pretty quickly. Another good one is from Tatcha The Essence or my favorite Sulwhasoo.
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2 / 5
I got a sample size version of this and after using it all up, I saw no difference. You might as well use water if your intention was to feel hydrated.


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Martha R.
Iss it worth the price ?
Maggie S.
Does anyone recommend this for someone with acne or sensitive skin?
Beth L.
Has anyone used this as a primer or setting spray and if so how is it? Opinions please
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