Are these sippy cups easy to use for babies 1 year and under? If so did you have issues with them leaking?
Chesaning , MI - 7 months ago

4 answers

These have handles so they are the best choice for 12months & under... They didn’t leak at all. They also don’t have 100 pieces to them lol. I highly recommend these sippy cups!
2 months ago
I love that they don’t leak at all, but my daughter still hasn’t quite figured out how to work it. It’s great for getting them accustomed to drinking from a cup
4 months ago
I used from 6 months they are so good , easy to use for the baby they can get a drink from any angle. When she got older and now takes a drink up to bed these are amazing no more wet sheets .
7 months ago
We use these! They don’t leak I just fill it full for now while he’s getting used to using it and figuring out how to get the water out! I think they are way easier when they are first learning because they can get the water out from any spot
7 months ago