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Munchkin Formula Dispenser Combo Pack, Blue - 2 Sets

Munchkin Formula Dispenser Combo Pack, Blue - 2 Sets


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love it. best brand as well! other brands seem to get the formula stuck inside of it and you have to shake it out. this one comes out pretty well. good for tired parents who don't want to deal with silly things in the middle of the night! awesome for travel as well!
I got these for days that we are out of the house as an easy way to carry pre portioned formula to make bottles. I actually use them at home too! These are really nice not only for travel, but also at night I can have my bottle of measured water and this container of formula powder ready to just shake and go so I don't have to get up and go to the kitchen!
These are great to keep in the diaper bag with pre-measured formula sections. So when you go to make a bottle, or when someone else like a babysitter goes to make a bottle, they can’t screw it up and the work is done for them. These are also good to keep for toddlers for snacks like goldfish in your bag.

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