Is it just me or this product runs out quick ?
Manassas, VA - il y a un an

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I don’t find this to run out quickly at all. I use a scrub mommy and a little bit creates a ton of lather :)
il y a 2 mois
Sometimes you use more and it goes quickly
il y a 4 mois
I liked it but it’s not as convenient to buy a new bottle every two weeks
il y a un an
We wash dishes by hand every day and we find that a little goes a long way. I bought ours maybe about two weeks ago and I still have at least a half a bottle and that’s using the smaller one.
il y a un an
Yes I do agree. I feel it’s because of what’s in the product. Other products are not natural and can offer larger amounts. I noticed anything that healthy for you from food to this cost more and less of product. :( but still yayyy
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