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Mrs. Freshley's

mrs Freshley's® Creme Filled...
16 Reviews
This is a treat to get once in awhile. The price was good for one package. Taste is delicious, I personally couldn’t eat them all the time.
A mi niña le encantan, las vio en un canal de YouTube y siempre me la pide, son suavecitas y el sabor es único y rico, trae una crema que se deshace en tu boca y sobre todo puedes combinarlo y tomarlo con la bebida favorita, no empalaga y viene en sobres individuales y por mayor es muy bueno [product:mrs-freshleys-creme-filled-cakes-snowballs]
I love this snowballs !! Are so delicious, it’s so fluffy, creamy, softly, it’s always fresh, not cloying, it’s hard to find in spain. But when i see it i buy it. I adore the snowballs!!! Quality brand
Son los famosos "grasitos" de icarly, los encuentras en cualquier oxxo y están buenos pero no son la gran cosa, el relleno que tienen está sabroso y dulce
Can rate this never had it looks exciting but never tried it before, It looks like glitter, I'm sure that people love them
I was looking for these so long ago and finally I got them. It’s a bomb for me; I’m not used to eat cakes with cream ; but I love the taste. Coconut and pink marshmallow is my favorite treat. Yum.
Oh my gosh, do I LOVE these cakes! They are really hard to find here in Canada, but when I do, I ways buy a pack. Snowballs are these little round, ball shaped, spongey chocolate cakes that are about the size of a tennis ball. The are filled with a fluffy white cream filling, coated in a layer of marshmallow and rolled in pink tinted coconut. The chocolate cake, the cream filling and the marshmallow together, is just oh MY! Amazing! Try these, you'll love them!
This is a snack my mom and I always shared when I was younger. She passed away when I was 15. She was only 41. Now every time I see these I buy one and I think of her. I feel I only had her in my life for such short period of time, so the memories that I do have I cherish. The pink ones were always her favorite, she really loved them.
Mmm . . sugar-filled balls of sugar with no flavor . . . wait, that's not what I want! Honestly, guys, go back to the drawing board. If I am going to eat something, I would really like to taste it! The only reason that I don't rate these lower is that they are squishy and fun to play with!
Ive only had these once in my life and im sorry but they were horrible. Im picky but i would not recommend