What do you use these for at your house
Springfield, IL - 3 years ago

14 answers

I use then to scrub everything from my toilet to my walls or my couch. (I use a different one for each) They work really well with little to no hard work.
Questa, NM - 3 years ago
I use these for stubborn messes on the walls, Doors, Shoes.
Aldergrove, BC - 3 years ago
Any and every difficult mess!! This is probably the best invention ever! The shower ones work miracles!!!
Fargo, ND - 3 years ago
The tile in the shower! Basically anything but we mainly use these in the bathroom.
Riverview , FL - 3 years ago
I use mine for stains. It take away the look aide stains from my kitchen. Also the walls. Takes the dirt off really fast!
Costa Mesa, CA - 3 years ago
My husband's greasy hands! Works surprisingly well.
Cedarville , NJ - 3 years ago