14 answers

Yes! This is one of my favorite cleaning products. It saves my house from my toddler.
3 years ago
These are my holy grail of cleaning products. They are awesome.
Beamsville - 3 years ago
Yes I've used it to remove stain on the wall.
Deerfield Bch, FL - 3 years ago
Yes!!! I work at a daycare and like magic the crayons, pen, markets or other stains disappeared.
3 years ago
I have found nothing that compares to these when it comes to cleaning up after the kids colored !
Brooklyn Park, MN - 3 years ago
Yes. It is amazing with grease and porous surfaces (like refrigerator handles, faux panel doors, etc).
Henagar, AL - 3 years ago
Yes it really works. I used it to clean grease off the wall by the stove. It even takes marker or crayon off anything too.
Bourbonnais, IL - 3 years ago