Did you know that Magic Eraser could be used to clean certain sneakers too?! (DO NOT USE ON NATURAL MATERIAL SHOES (ex. Leather, suede etc)) it works wonders on my white soles without yellowing since there's no chemicals.
Miami, FL - 5 years ago

9 answers

YES!!!! you can use it to make the white part of the soles whiter and it works awesome!!!
Montreal, QC - 2 years ago
So many awesome tips that I didn't think about! Thanks so much!
Brookhaven, GA - 3 years ago
Ooh didn't try this, i used to use accetone on the white rubber.
4 years ago
Yes! I love these for cleaning the soles of white or light colored sneakers.
5 years ago
That is very good to know! I will definitely be trying it on my white sneakers.
5 years ago
I've used the Mr. Clean Magic Erasers to clean shoes before too! They do actually work pretty well for me.
5 years ago