I love the MoroccanOil line and I’m thinking about getting into the curly girl method to naturally enhance my 2A wavy, fine hair. Is this product a good choice for me?
Chicago, IL - il y a 3 ans

2 answers

Yes! MoroccanOil is such a reputable brand; i know so many people that use their products
il y a 2 ans
Yes, I’m also a MoroccanOil lover and I definitely recommend trying this for your hair! I also have curly fine hair and this does not weigh down your curls and gives you a fuller look. It makes your hair feel so clean and has a great scent to it. If you’re unsure about purchasing it I would purchase it from Sephora. Sephora let’s you return ANYTHING for up to 30, they encourage you to try something out and return it if you are not satisfied.
il y a 3 ans