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Monat Volume Reshape Root Lifter 4.5 fl.oz.

Monat Volume Reshape Root Lifter 4.5 fl.oz.


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I love using this to make my hair fuller! The only downfall is that it makes my hair feel a little stiff at the root kinda like a hairspray but other than that it works great!
I have a short bob haircut and I use it when I style my hair. It does make a difference for sure if you use it correctly. If you leave it on dump hair and don’t use blow dryer to style , I find it sits on a hair like a dry lump, not sure if that makes sense lol just spray it, comb through and style, then you’ll really like the results
Although the bottle I received seemed to leak pretty quick (unsure if it was a defective bottle and I missed the return it window, or my toddler got into it without my knowledge 😅).. regardless, this products gives my flat, fine hair so much volume when I style it! Leaves my hair feeling soft and refreshed!
Hi ? Did anyone try this product?? Does it really lift the roots ? Is it gentle ? Any advices pls let me know. Thanks
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