tell me your experiences/thoughts about monat hair and skin products (not trying to sell this, just collecting data)? MONAT SMOOTHING CONDITIONER
Ila, GA - il y a 7 mois

3 answers

I like it! As long as you really rinse your hair well!
il y a 5 mois
Love the hair products or most of them... some of the styling products are oily and heavy. I haven’t tried the skincare because they all have essential oils in them that would likely increase skin sensitivity to sun and I don’t want that.
il y a 5 mois
I personally LOVE all of the skin products. I haven’t found one that I haven’t liked yet. I love the cleanser. I have really sensitive skin and it’s helped so much! The berry exfoliator is great. But if you’re looking for a heavy heavy exfoliation, that’s not going to be what you want. It’s very light and the smell is great. The C-Radiance serum has to be my all time favorite skin care product from them right now - it’s amazing. Leaves my face feeling fresh and radiant. The moisturizer is phenomenal. I’ve always had issues with moisturizers not leaving my face feeling fully moisturized all day and that one does. The 30 second miracle serum is literally that. My face felt nice and tight in the areas that I applied it in. I love it. The hair products for me have been hit or miss. I’m a huge fan of the intense repair shampoo/conditioner and spray. Also all of the smoothing shampoo/conditioner sets. I love their detangler spray, rejuvenique oil (my all time fave because it has so many uses), the split end mender is a life saver as well! I use those products EVERY DAY. I found personally the volumizing shampoo wasn’t for me. And I really didn’t like the blonde shampoo, the smell is absolutely amazing to me, but I felt like my hair was oily quicker. (The one in the white bottle with grayish writing. There’s two - I can’t speak for the purple one since I haven’t gotten it yet but all of my friends love it)
il y a 6 mois