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M&M’S® Crispy Theater Box
10 Reviews
These ones basically have extra air in them. If you think about it, it’s sort of just a rip-off — all those little air pockets in the crispy material are spaces where there could have just been more chocolate. Basically, the wafer to chocolate to candy ratio is all off. I will stick to my favs- plain, Peanut Butter, Peanut, Minis, & Caramel.
Not my favorite M&M's candies, bet they are really good sweet crispy bites for a nice evening in front of TV or with your friends. Box package is very nice for girls like me who throws their candy to the bag and leaves it for a few days- it will still be good as new and not melted!
These little m&ms don't get the credit they deserve. The green package is so cute and they are rounder than plain m&ms. There is a nice crunch and they are not overly sweet. I prefer peanut but this is a nice variation. I think if you find them at Dollar Tree or Walmart, you should definitely purchase.
These are so good. Don’t know why it says these are discontinued because they still sell this at my local Dollar Tree and Walmart. I probably prefer the original M&Ms but these are really good too. The box is the perfect size to sneak into the theaters and there’s a good amount of them in the box. I would definitely repurchase this since they’re that good and it’s not expensive.
I'm not a huge candy and chocolate person but I could eat these allllllllll day. So moreish and so good! Defo recommend
Bomb.... my husband loves these and gets them all the time he even got me liking them
My favorite m&ms of all time. My go to for when I need a chocolate fix. I normally don’t eat a lot of candy but these are just so good. Packaging is a cute green color and they are affordable snack.
These crispy M&Ms have such a light and crispy taste. They make a great on the go treat. They are also reasonable priced for the box. I highly recommend this product.
My favorite kind of M&M's! Love the crispy insides! I can eat the whole box if i'm not careful! Love them! Highly recommend them!
I tried these for the first time today and I can't believ I have never gottwn these. They have the perfect amount of chocolate in them and the crisp is just perfect. You can get the movie theater size at the dollar store too.