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Misfit Shine Misfit Flash, Fuchsia
Misfit Shine

Misfit Shine Misfit Flash, Fuchsia


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I have the Victoria's Secret pink flash and I love it! It challenges me to get up earlier and get more steps in throughout the day! I love setting goals and reaching them. I recently discovered virtual marathons where you can use a fitness device to track your steps and they send you medals! It's a really cool set up and my misfit keeps track of my workouts for me! I love the convenient app and also that it's waterproof and the battery lasts for a long time! I wear it virtually every day! Such a great investment, and a good price!!
Love love love the price on this fitness tracker. It is pretty basic, but it's literally cheaper than buying a wrist watch that only tells time. The watch face is a little confusing to get used to. The sleep tracker is my favorite part!!
I LOVE my Misfit Flash! It helps me keep track of my daily steps, my sleeping habits, how long I walked, how far I walked and how many calories that I burn. It had helped me get healthier. I have clips to wear it on my shoe or pocket or wristbands to look like a watch. It also can be used as a watch. The price is really budget friendly. It runs on a watch battery so charging is needed. The app is very user friendly.
What exactly is this? I mean, I know it's a fitness tracker of some sort, but what does it do?
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How accurate is this device. I've been considering switching from my Fitbit which isn't as accurate as I like.
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