Looking for a soil for my succulents. Would this work for growing new succulents? 
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This would work just fine as long as they have good drainage in the pots they're in! There is also soil just for succulents- but you can't always find it- and this Will - work 👌 smile
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Yes with adequate drainage!
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If you mix sand and this soil, it will work. Succulents need drainage. If the soil holds too much water they will rot and die. I would recommend Miracle Grow’s succulent soil. It’s made just for that!
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The thing with successful succulent care is fast draining soil so that you can water thoroughly and no excess water remains. That is what will potentially cause root rot. So I make my own potting mix to ensure fast draining aerated soil. I usually start with a plain garden soil and mix one bag to one bag of cactus soil (miracle grow is fine or espoma is good organic brand choice) I mix those two well and then add perlite to it (once again espoma makes organic perlite without additives but miracle grow fine too). Most diy potting mix call for 3 part potting soil to 2 parts sand to 1 part perlite. I don't like sand cause if it's not coarse enough then it's a hindrance. I do a mix of 2 parts regular potting soil to 1 part cactus soil and 1 part perlite and mix well. You could even substitute like an organic orchard mix instead of cactus soil. The point is chunky loose soil mix. And if you don't want to fool with all that just grab a cactus specific blend of potting soil but if you have problems with root rot or issues with plants not thriving then making a quick mix will usually fix some issues. I've been propagating for almost a year in hopes of starting my own nursery down the road and getting a good potting mix has made a big difference in avoiding root rot
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