I Have a hard time with products sinking into creases below my eyes. Does this help?
Orange, MA - il y a un an

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It’s pretty light. So i don’t think it would really help with filling in the creases. You might want a thicker primer ? I’m not sure but this is just from my experience.
il y a 24 jours
It’s hydrating so could help with smooth under eyes to prevent creasing although I’ve never used it for that purpose. Key for preventing creasing:Ensure under eyes are well hydrated Use any product lightly - heavy products cause caking / creasing Use a beauty blender to press in powder instead of baking
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I don’t feel like this helps in this area! I also am not a fan of this primer. I really like YSL primer and I really like Becca primer
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I didn’t notice any creasing when I tried it.
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