Is this a good game?
3 years ago

4 answers

No. It's actually pretty terrible if you're over the age of 9.
8 months ago
Depends on what you like really.... I've wondered why, but people are obsessed with it
a year ago
My 10 year old daughter loves this. She can create her own little world and learn how to collect and make the items needed.
3 years ago
This game is very fun I play this game with my family and friends. You can go on adventures, fight mods, and create whatever your heart desires. The game updates regularly for more features. There are 3 game modes adventure (exploring the world. It won't take damage), survival ( basically collecting materials, food, and caving. Trying to live) and last creative ( have a menu with all the blocks on the game and being able to build anything). This game is animated and every thing is in blocks. I love this game and I'm upset.
3 years ago