Im a light blonde but find a lot of purple shampoos my hair grabs the pigment and gives me an ashy gray wondering if this was the same ? I’m just looking to take the brassy out of my hair
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I really had this same problem for a while but the milksMilk Shake Silver Shine Shampoo for Blond Or Grey Hair 10.1 oz, PACK OF 5 is the best! Just use it twice weekly and don’t let it sit on to long and it won’t grab the pigment and if it does you can mix baking soda with some shampoo and the blue tint will come right off!
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From what I understand from my hairstylist, the cuticles on hair strands determine the porosity of your hair; more opened cuticles = higher porosity = greater ability to hold onto the pigments. When I use this product, I tend to massage it into my hair and let it sit for maybe 5-10 minutes, which would give me the ashy grey color. I find my blonde hair goes yellow fast so I personally don't mind keeping it in longer to get a lavender/purple color. If you find your hair holds the pigment well and prefer toning without having ashy tones, you can minimize the amount of time the product sits in your hair or you can mix a small amount of purple shampoo with a regular shampoo to decrease the pigment potency. My sister does the latter option and says it requires a bit more trial & error to get the correct ratio of purple shampoo:regular shampoo but it is definitely worth it in the end. Hope this helps!
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