What do you like about this? What do you mix it with? How many shots straight of this till you're nice a tipsy? Cause hangovers? What tequila do you prefer other than this?
Heaven on Earth - il y a 6 ans

4 answers

It's very smooth. I use it in agave margaritas or as straight shots. Usually about 7 shots if drinking fast I'll get a little tipsy. If I'm taking my time, can take longer. Wonderful to try.
il y a 5 ans
I like that it's good quality and well priced. The best tequila I've had that is also well priced is 7 Leguas, perfect to sip as tequila is supposed to be enjoyed.
il y a 6 ans
Not the best tequila I've had. I like 1800
il y a 6 ans
About 7 shots in and I feel it but I'm not a real light weight it's super smooth I love it straight! & yes hangovers! But not bad. I prefer patron over this but it's still good!
il y a 6 ans