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Michelina's Authentico...
116 Reviews
My daughter loves this quick and easy mac and cheese. However, for me the Mac and cheese was super watered down and not cheesy at all.
Better off making Velveeta or Kraft. This tastes terrible and is so bad for you health wise. It tastes like exactly what it is, previously frozen food.
I don't often use the microwave so I'll sometimes thaw this and heat it up on the stove. There's something about this frozen meal that's so good. I grew up eating the Mac and cheese box and would lick the box clean. One box is never enough!! As an adult, I'll still stock up on these and keep them in the freezer for a rainy day.
Such a good quick dinner. Tastes amazing for a TV diner . Only wish it had more cheese. Very good and tasty.
I love these and have been eating them for a long time now for anyone who's complaining about the taste what I do is cook for three minutes and fold a piece of deli ham in slice and slice in small squares, mix that in and then top with shredded cheese I just use the pre shred taco mix and microwave 30 seconds mix and add pepper. Your welcome. These are great when you need something fast and easy and delicious.
This is my grandsons favorite quick meal.  We also send it in a thermos to school with him for lunch.  Delicious with a little salt and pepper, Cant beat the price point. I find it for a dollar at most stores in my area.  I do recommend.  
This is so disgusted. It’s not real Mac and cheese. It tastes so greasy and salty and there is no hint of cheese. The pasta is a weird consistency. 100% do not recommend this…Just buy PC Extra Cheesy Mac & Cheese instead.[product:michelinas-authentico-macaroni-&-cheese]
[product:michelinas-authentico-macaroni-cheese] It's pretty good for a quick microwave Mac n cheese. It's not to expensive. I buy them when they are on sale, 4/$5. It helps when you are feeding 5 kids. They are perfect for a quick lunch or as a side with dinner.
I can’t really say that it’s the best tasting but it isn’t horrible and when you need something fast when your on the go they are good! They are so easy to prepare, pop it I. The microwave for a few minutes and mix it up and enjoy!
My ultimate go to when I’m tired and really don’t feel like cooking a whole meal. This product really gets the job done. Great for a late night snack too. Super inexpensive and overall a great product.