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Michelina's Authentico Macaroni & Cheese

Michelina's Authentico Macaroni & Cheese


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My daughter loves this quick and easy mac and cheese. However, for me the Mac and cheese was super watered down and not cheesy at all.
Better off making Velveeta or Kraft. This tastes terrible and is so bad for you health wise. It tastes like exactly what it is, previously frozen food.
I don't often use the microwave so I'll sometimes thaw this and heat it up on the stove. There's something about this frozen meal that's so good. I grew up eating the Mac and cheese box and would lick the box clean. One box is never enough!! As an adult, I'll still stock up on these and keep them in the freezer for a rainy day.
Does anyone know where I can find the jalapeño Mac and cheese? I haven't found it in years but it was my absolute favorite of all time. They may have discontinued it but I hope not!!
How did you all like these ?
I had a problem eating just one of these. That's how much I used to like them. Anyone else felt the same way?
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