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In Italy the sales had started and I took my first purchase on Zalando, a shoe that is worth 130 euros paid for 60 euros. this is business! Merrell is also a technical brand of excellence, I already had a pair of shoes from this brand and so I went on the safe side about the size, but they usually fit perfect for the size you wear. shoes with an excellent fit, the Vibram sole offers absolute grip on the ground, even smooth. The cushioning for this model has a new technology, and you feel your step is supported and cushioned. The foot is wrapped very well and the sense of security on steep terrain is high. the colors are bright and very beautiful and make a great impression. Among my favorite brands.

Product reviewed: Merrell Women's Bare Access Trail Shoe

I have a pair of Merrell WATERPRO PANDI for a very long time. These shoes are one of the best purchases I've made! Very comfortable and durable. It have been my main shoe for the whole spring and summer season because they are so comfortable and they go with most of my outfit I like. This sandals is perfect for summer wear because of the mesh top that allows my feet to breath in the extremely hot weather and even if I wet them (btw they're waterproof) and my feet don't stink and they dry fast. It also has a great grip on slippery walk perfect for a wet rainy season. They are still going strong for almost 8 years of nearly daily wear except for winter LOL:). Would highly recommend this brand!

Product reviewed: Merrell Women's Bare Access Trail Shoe

I bought trail runners Antora 2 and after only a few wears fabric on top of both shoes started to frey and tear forming holes throug (in the area of crease where the foot bands). When I contacted Merrell Australia to resolve an issue (replace or refund) they told me it is considered normal wear and tear and therefore they would not refund or replace. At that point I owned the shoes for three months wearing them only a few times. Now it has been six months since I bought (still wearing them only occasionally) them and shoes have even bigger holes throug. Shoes keep deteriorating with every wear. I will never ever buy anything from Merrell. Not because this pair was clearly factory fault, but because their customer service and issue resolution is so poor. I paid $210AUD for pair of shoes that didn't last even three months.[product:merrell]

Product reviewed: Merrell Women's Bare Access Trail Shoe

Any hikers/backpackers? What is some of your favorite/must-have gear? Merrell Women's Moab Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot [ Merrell
Where / when can you find the best deals on Merrell hiking boots?
Merrell I have a spartan race in September and was wondering if they would be comfortable enough to last 30 miles of terrain
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