Meow Mix® Hairball Control ? Does it help with hairballs? My 15 year old keeps puking up hairballs and im worried, thinking about trying this to see if it helps.
pevely mo - il y a 3 ans

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Yes it help my cat nunu is the same age so I know how you feel
il y a 2 ans
Yes! Stay away from Whiskas or Meow mix. As my vet says “Whiskas is like Mcdonald’s for cats!”. Also, since it’s an older cat, they can shed more hair. Make sure you’re brushing them to help keep down the hair intake!
il y a 3 ans
Going to be upfront here meow mix is probably one of the worst things to feel a kitty especially a geriatric one! Best thing for hair balls is Laxatone by Tomlyn Hairball Remedy, Catnip Flavor - 4.25 oz you can purchase this (also known under vetoquinol) at your local vet clinics for ~$12 (i just bought my cats a tube and it was exactly $12 Canadian) as for food you want to look for a senior cat diet that will support her calorie needs as usually our older guys tend not to move around as much and they can suffer from obesity!
il y a 3 ans