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MEMEBOX I Dew Care Black Cat Headband
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MEMEBOX I Dew Care Black Cat Headband


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I have had this headband for a couple years now. I absolutely love it! It sits in the bathroom and does a great job keeping my hair out of the way when I'm washing my face and putting on face masks. It's really cute and the material is great! I've been looking at some of their other designs and may buy another.
I would’ve given it 5 stars because it’s so cute & soft but it’s a lot smaller than I was expecting and is uncomfortably snug on my head. It fit my child’s head fine though.
This it so cute. I needed something to keep hair out of face in shower on days I don’t wash my hair and while I do skincare routine. This was perfect and the cat ears just add a cute touch. You can get it wet, it’s actually material that’s made to get wet I think, and the band is perfect, not cheaply made or anything. I love this thing. 🐈‍⬛
Iss it good for curly hair?
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Is this machine washable?
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I have 3 i dew care products that I could use this for. This is so cute. How stretchy is this?
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