40 Questions
Gerald R.
I know it comes to Atlanta but can anyone tell me if it comes to Atlantic City? If not, then how far does the megabus travel?
Brendan A.
Are they easy to book/travel with or are they as bad as greyhound?
Kiamisha Kiki J.
I was very dissatisfied with Mega Bus why u Can't get a Refund will not recommend them to my Friends Worst Experience I have had
M. S.
I have made 1 reservation for 2 people via their website, but now that I got the ticket is confusing. It says 1 baggage per reservation. I thought it was 1 baggage per person, since I payed the full price for the ticket. Anyone experienced that before? Did you have any issues boarding with 1 baggage per person (+ 1 carry on per person)?
Christina K.
Is this only on the east coast or is it everywhere?
Shakeymama :.
Have you rode Mega Bus before ?
Juanita S.
can you get on the mega bus from and city and state?
Briana J.
What is the big deal with megabus? I've never used them. Do they travel to and from Florida?
Amber Y.
Does anyone have anything to say about megabus? Is it a safe and comfortable way to travel? Also is it safe for a solo traveler?
Riley G.
How comfortable are these buses?