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New feature "track my bus" My letter to Megabus: Hello, Welcome back to Northern California. I have been a loyal customer since 2010 ish and have always been happy with your service and was sad to see you leave several years ago. Unfortunately, on Tuesday May 16, 2023 your second day back to serving Sacramento to San Francisco. I missed my first bus due to your new track my bus feature. Unfortunately, it was not accurate with glitches which cause me to miss the bus all together. So I re-booked later that same day and your new tracking feature worked flawless. I had the perfect experience. I was wondering if you would be able to refund my first booking or even a credit voucher would be nice as I already have future trips planned. Thank you for your consideration. Megabus response: Hello and thank you for contacting Megabus Customer Service. I am sorry to hear you missed your bus!    I understand you are requesting that refund be provided, however as outlined and stated in in the terms and conditions prior to proceeding with the purchase, all ticket sales are final.   We suggest that all passengers be at the bus stop location 15 minutes before boarding to ensure timely boarding as we cannot hold the doors open for passengers who are unable to make their trip. Once our driver completes loading passengers onto the bus, the doors are shut and the parking brake is released, and the bus departs.  While I apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced, we are unfortunately unable to provide you with any compensation ( refund, credit) as the service was executed.   Thank you for choosing Megabus. Sincerely, ZarenaMegabus Customer Service Specialist megabus Date of experience: May 16, 2023 (((WHY OFFER THIS FEATURE IF ITS NOT ACCURATE OR RELIABLE)))
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The timing for the bus was 17:40 and it arrived at 19:20, 2 hrs of wait. Because of this i even missed my next booking train and i have to pay again and buy new tickets. And even after coming late the driver took 40mins of break in middle. And when I contacted the megabus team for refund even they did nothing for the same. Really disappointed
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I usually don't leave reviews, but this experience was exceptionally terrible. I am truly in disbelief. I took a 12-hour coach trip from Edinburgh to London, and it turned out to be the worst experience of my life. Firstly, the seat had no cushioning and felt as hard as a rock. Despite not being a tall man, my legs were constantly pressed against the seat, causing me pain throughout the entire journey. Additionally, the seat was fixed at a 90-degree angle with no option to adjust it, making it nearly impossible to find a comfortable position to sleep. To make matters worse, there was a radiator blasting heat at my feet while the air conditioning blew cold air on my head, leaving my lower half boiling and my upper half freezing. The coach was scheduled to depart at 10 PM, but the grumpy bus drivers refused to let anyone on until the exact departure time, resulting in a delay of half an hour. Moreover, when I purchased the ticket, it indicated a bus transfer with only a 10-minute window to catch my connecting bus from Glasgow to London, despite coming from Edinburgh. Fortunately, I managed to get on an earlier coach by sheer luck because I arrived at the station early and thought it was worth a try. At one point during the journey, they allowed too many people to board the coach due to the delay I mentioned earlier. As a result, when we stopped in Manchester, there was a chaotic crowd trying to get on the bus, and the bus driver rudely screamed at people who were showing their tickets. To add to my woes, I lost my wallet towards the end of the trip, but the bus driver showed no concern and simply told me to get off the bus. Based on this experience, I not only refuse to recommend this service, but I believe this company should be shut down completely.