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Mediheal Charcoal Bubble Cleansing Pads

Mediheal Charcoal Bubble Cleansing Pads


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I don't really love these pads as much as I thought I would. They have a slightly weird scent, they leave my skin feeling too stripped, and they just seem super wasteful as well because they each only work for one use. Maybe if you have extra oily skin these pads will help you control excess oils. These might be a good fit to throw into a travel bag because you just wet the pad and it offers plenty of suds so if you didn't want to pack too many products this could save room in your suitcase...? On a day to day basis I just don't find myself wanting to reach for these over other products. I won't repurchase.
5 / 5
I purchased this pack from a Boxycharm sale. I just used one to wash off my makeup and it worked very well! It didn’t really have a scent which is ok. The one side suds up and cleans and then you flip over and then the other side seems to exfoliate. It left my face really clean and very soft! I used toner afterwArds and there wasn’t much makeup on the cotton ball so this pad did a good job of cleaning away my makeup! I’d definitely buy these again. Very convenient and would be perfect for when you travel![product:mediheal-charcoal-bubble-cleansing-pads]


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